IFS INDIA FINGERPRINT DEPARTMENT, 'IFS INDIA' is appointed as Commissioner by Hon'ble Court, Govt. Certified, and Internationally acceptable, (so don't worry about acceptability and recognitions...),  registered with Govt. of India, MCA, LLP and ISO 9001-2008 Certified Organization, We provides various Forensic Science Services including FBI Fingerprinting (Acc. to The United States Department of Justice Order 556-73), Background Check Fingerprinting, Criminal Record Check Fingerprinting, National Police Check, Criminal History Check from Department of Justice (DOJ), Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Application, required for Visa, Immigration, Job or employment, Applications, Academic Admissions, overseas employment, adoption, licensing, or certification Purpose etc... in USA, UK, Canada, RCMP, Dubai, UAE and other States & Countries on a Valid, Standard and Special Cards e.g. FD 258 card for US, C216-C for RCMP Canada (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) etc... We will provide you Superior, Acceptable and Certified Fingerprinting Service, By employing only skilled, qualified and experienced fingerprint specialists, we are able to ensure quality prints, which we guarantee to pass inspection by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington State Patrol, as well as other Government Agencies, State Police Departments and Department of Justice .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. What Should I Bring To Your Fingerprinting Dept. / Office ?
    It is the responsibility of the fingerprint expert or roller to check the identification of individual being fingerprinted. A valid government issued photographic identification proof (Passport, PAN Card, Driving License etc) must be presented by the applicant and checked closely by the certified fingerprint roller taking the fingerprint impressions. This ensures that the applicants identity is validated against proper identification which results in accurate information submitted to the Department Of Justice or other Govt. Agency. Be sure to bring in all the items listed below, this will help ensure an easy and rapid process when you arrive for your Fingerprinting.
    A) A completed Request Form / Service Form AND / OR Photocopy of Passport and/or Visa.
    B) A valid Central or State Government issued photo ID Card, such as a pan card, voter id, driving license or passport. An expired ID card is considered not valid.
    C) Payment / Fee for the Fingerprinting Service in the form of exact cash, demand draft, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or Discover credit card, any banks ATM Card, Debit Card etc. Contact us for the fee schedule of Fingerprinting cost.

  • Knowledge of what type of background check your employer or concerned agency is requesting. Along with those items you will need to know if you need a State Police Check, FBI / National Check or both.
  • Knowledge of the reason / purpose for the requested background check: There may be several reasons why any individuals may need to have a background check done-
  • For PCC for Immigration, Visa etc
  • For License or permit (financial institutions, liquor sales, security, automotive sales, insurance sales, nursing, real estate appraisal, fireworks, lottery sales, etc.)
  1. What is the next procedure after fingerprinting on fingerprint card?
    Our Fingerprint expert will guide you in details during fingerprinting and We will give you all the required information face to face regarding next steps. We have zero rejection rate, if your fingerprints cards are rejected due to our expert (fingerprinting quality), then we will provide free fingerprinting services. Fingerprinting process is free. Only fingerprint card cost is applicable. If rejection is not due to an expert, then also we provide about 50% discount on reprinting. If rejection is not due to For detailed information please contact us.

  2. What is Criminal Background Check OR Fingerprint Check OR Police Clearance Certificate Check OR Criminal Record / History Check?
    Individual is required to submit fingerprint checks for police certificates if He / She stayed / worked in another country for more than 6 months, for Visa / Immigration puposes. Fingerprints taken from an individual are compared to a national law enforcement fingerprint database containing millions of fingerprints taken from criminals and workers over the decades. The database is the FBI's Automated Fingerprint Identification System, or AFIS, which searches for fingerprints from many sources, including criminal records, driver's license applications and previous jobs that required fingerprint identification.

Features and Announcements:

Our Fingerprinting Expert will ensure your fingerprints will be taken on the correct form & valid fingerprint card and also guide you to send them to the proper authorities.

We prepare Fingerprint Card and relevant Application  Forms For VISA, Passport and Police Verification / Clearance Certificate, Background Check for FBI, State Police of USA, UK, Canada, Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc in India.

We strictly follow FBI Rules and Norms during Fingerprinting process. Our services are legal, acceptable and valid for almost all countries. We use only Standard Fingerprint Kits, Fingerprint Cards, Forms and other Tools. We always use FBI Original Fingerprint Cards sent by FBI (We never use downloaded & Printed cards from FBI Website) to avoid rejection due to any reason like wrong Size of Card or Thickness of Card etc...

We can provide you our best efforts & services for submission of your fingerprints to the FBI, DOJ, or other countries Police Dept. on standard, valid & acceptable fingerprint form (e.g. FD 258). We are forensic and fingerprint professionals and know our responsibilities.

We are Forensic Science and Fingerprint professionals having wide knowledge & experience and fully understand the importance of clarity of fingerprints. We make our best efforts to take your fingerprints clearly and accurately.

Your Fingerprint Card will not be rejected as We have 100 % satisfied clients and Zero Rejection Rate. If your fingerprint cards are rejected, return to our office with your receipt or rejected cards and we will reprint you for free, Our fees are reasonable and our office is easy to locate. There is plenty of free parking, electricity backup, AC facility, Intercom / Extn. System etc...